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Site www.imlive.com
LanguagesEnglish, Español, Pyccĸий, Português, Italiano, हिन्दी, Deutsch, Français, Norsk, Svenska, Greece, Turkish, Arabic, Finnish, Japanese.
Payment optionsPay Pal, Visa, Puma Pay.
Pricing 1 credit for $1.95


  • Numerous categories of models to choose from.
  • Offers the most realistic sexual experiences.
  • High-quality webcams and streaming services.
  • Numerous chat modes and features


  • Long lines for the webcams. 
  • Few models on the platform.
  • Free content is limited.
  • Dated site interface style.

Imlive is one of the biggest webcam sites in the world. Since 2002, it has been giving its viewers quality adult content. It is owned by IML SLU.

Imlive is home to over a hundred thousand elegant models, ready to flirt and have fun with subscribers. Different categories and selections are available to make sure you find whatyou seek.

The Imlive community brings your sexual fantasies to life.

How to Sign Up

To experience all the amazing models on Imlive, you first have to join. Sign up with an existing email, and get 100% bonus credits. 

The basic registration process is very stress-free. You just require an email address, a username, and a solid password. You do not need your credit card, or any personal information when creating a free account.

Imlive’s free account feature lets users interact with models’ profiles and have free sex chats, but it is with the premium subscription that the magic truly starts. 

The premium account gives you access to top-notch sexy webcams, private conversations with famous models, and personal candy shows.

The Imlive site provides the most realistic sexual experience. There is also the happy hour feature, where users can make requests to the models, while on live Cam. A premium subscription reduces the happy hour price considerably.


Black, white, busty, petite, shy, you name it!

Imlive has thousands of beautiful and handsome adult models. Most are female models, but you can also find male and transsexual stars.

When searching through models, you have filters like age, ethnicity, price, and many others. There are a lot of categories to pick from, to meet the users’ preferences.


Most subscribers on Imlive are straight men. Imlive female models come in various ages, sizes, and races. Latina, Caucasian, African, East Asian, Indian, and other girls are easy to find.

There are over 40 thousand female models. They’re split into categories under the webcam section for the girls. Girls alone, lesbian, bondage, and a lot of over-kinks are available.

There is a special sex toy feature under the female section. Models use a type of vibrator that can be controlled with the touch of a button. This option is available for both free and premium accounts.


If you prefer watching men, Imlive has webcams to meet your desires as well. Sexy and charming male models are also available for live cams, and conversations. From thick dudes, to cute twink boys, all categories of guys are available to fulfill your sexual wishes.

There are over 6000 male registered models, split into 15 categories. They’re available for both free and premium accounts.


Subscribers can peek in on couples live on the Imlive cam. These very sexy couples get involved in different activities like threesomes, gang bangs, and all sorts of other kinky stuff.

You’ll find thousands of couples across vast categories. Straight couples and trans couples are available for private sex chats on both the free and premium accounts.

While in a couple of live cam shows, you can encourage the models to try whatever titillates you, putting your fantasies on screen! 


 The Imlive webcam does not leave the trans community out of the fun. Pre-op and post-op models can be found in any orientation that suits your fancy. 

There are 13 categories under the Trans section on the webcam. It is available for both free and premium accounts.

Model’s profile

imlive profile page

Every model gets a profile page to act as their introduction to cam viewers. You will see general information about the models like:

About me

This shows general information about the model. You will see their fetishes, likes, dislikes, physical descriptions, turn-ons, and turn-offs. You will also find see personal information like height, languages spoken, and what age the model “feels like”.

Awards and categories under top host

Here, you will find the titles and awards this model has received such as biggest cups, sweetest legs, Imlive diamond, and kinkiest.


You see experiences that other viewers have had while in sessions with this particular model. You will see their active times, how they react when told particular things, and how polite they were.

These reviews are written by real users, not automated bots.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery is a catalog of the most appealing pictures of the model. Only a few pictures are available for all viewers, credits will be required to see the most exotic ones.

Discount club

The discount club is a benefit created by the individual host. The model will set a particular amount of credits that grants viewers access to the discount club. Loyal viewers who get added to the model’s discount club enjoy longer chat sessions, additional host videos and other perks. The discount club works on a per-minute rate, depending on your level of loyalty.

Imlive Chat Features

Imlive webcams are among the internet’s most active and interesting sex chat setups. It has a lot of interactive chat features and modes, which include:


The multi-viewer mode is a multitasker’s dream. It gives you the chance to watch several models simultaneously. Peek into their chat rooms at the same time for free. You can watch a maximum of 6 cameras at one go – quite a unique experience! 

However, most actions, like private sex chats with hosts, full sex mode, and controlling their toys’ vibing power, will require credits.

Candy shows

Imlive has created a very interesting chat section called the candy Show. A candy show is an exciting webcam show aimed at large audiences with many models involved. As the name implies, some of the sweetest content is found in these shows.

The candy show starts with a Preview show. A certain tip threshold must be reached before the preview begins. It acts as a taste of what is to come and gives viewers a hint of what the models are in store for that particular show.

Interested viewers should give a vibrator pulse with the vibrator button at their intended price. The higher the price, the closer the seat. When the main show starts, the view switches to a theater setting to give the viewer the most believable experience. Tasty, exciting, and exhilarating content is available during the show, and viewers can cheer the hosts on with tips. Following the candy show, is the after-party. Interested viewers can enjoy more through private chat.

Top host arena

 A top host arena highlights the best of the best. There are a lot of titles like a hall of fame, top toy performer, outstanding features, party winners, best newbies, and Imlive diamond, for the best long-term models. The most exciting and sexy models are found in the top host chat section.

On the private chat, subscribers get to have private one-on-one experiences with these top host models.

Porn star shows

A porn star show is also available, but only for credit holders. It is an opportunity for subscribers to get to know actual porn stars on a more personal level. 

Imlive hosts parties to keep the contents fresh, new, and interesting. Sometimes, these parties are themed and models dress according to the occasion. Imlive also features outdoor shows. Viewers get an opportunity to give models virtual gifts.

The Imlive webcam comes with gives a lot of engaging text features as well. Viewers can send messages to hosts about their thoughts and reactions to the ongoing live cams. Hosts react based on messages viewers send them. They love it when viewers share their fetishes.

After shows, viewers can vote for their favorite hosts. This is an interesting interactive feature that many services don’t offer.

If problems arise during the chat (a rude model, for example), or for technical faults show up, reports can be sent to the active customer support center.

Imlive Streaming Quality

imlive chat

Imlive recently upgraded its camera resolution. Though it has a baseline of 576p, most models use HD cameras. Even the standard-definition video output is of good quality.

Some models prefer two-way video, but the site doesn’t require you to have a webcam. Two-way cam play makes for great interactive experiences at no extra cost. Viewers can record their favorite sessions for an additional fee.

While the video streams are on, viewers will see suggestions for similar models based on categories, fetishes, and all other qualities. Subscribers can watch full-length HD videos on the webcam. The mobile site also features high-quality shows and videos. There is no need for external webcams when using Imlive on a mobile device.


Imlive Pricing

 The current Imlive rate is $1.95 per credit. Subscribers get a 100% bonus on their purchases, and premium subscribers get about 25 credits on every purchase. The credits can then be put toward whatever site features the user wants. There is no option for monthly credit purchases.

The price for private sex shows varies amongst different models, but average webcam models are quite affordable. For $3, subscribers can have hours of complete nude shows. There are no free nude photos or videos. Treats are also given from time to time. Treats are bonus currency given to consistent viewers.

Basic Credit Rates

● 10 credits cost $10

● 50 credits cost $29.95 (a bonus of 100%)

● 100 credits cost $58.95 (a bonus of 100%)

● 200 credits cost $114.95 (with a bonus of 100% plus treats)

Payment Methods

 Few things other than credits can be purchased on Imlive webcam. There are 3 payment options: Visa, PayPal, and Puma Pay.

The payment process is very easy. Just click the appropriate link for your preferred payment method and enter the necessary details

Imlive Mobile Site

imlive mobile site

For those who prefer their titillation on the go, Imlive has a mobile site accessible to all viewers.

The Imlive mobile site functions exactly like the desktop version and houses all the same categories and elements as the desktop version. Viewers do not need external microphones or webcams, though, since they’re built into mobile phones already.

This feature is great if you’re a frequent traveler. In addition, the mobile version makes chat as easy as texting. 

Although the screen size can be a hindrance, this capability is also a big win as it ensures privacy and freedom from distraction for those who prefer a personal and accessible sex show. The mobile site is arguably easier to operate as it is user-friendly, less complicated, and very intuitive.

Imlive Verdict

The adult industry is big business in this time and age, so the Imlive brand’s continued competitiveness is a testament to its value as a cam site. It features both live and recorded shows, a feature peculiar to only a few in the industry. It has a very impressive video output and the chat features are also solid.

Further, viewers get up-close and personal sexual experiences with the many scenarios that models create during sessions. The ability to control sex toys is top-notch and an outstanding feature of the Imlive system.

There are complaints from subscribers, though, especially regarding long lines for shows. Its desktop interface is also rather dated, seeing few changes since the site’s inception.

Nevertheless, Imlive may still be the right choice since it offers such good shows for minimal credits. The rates for credits have remained are also very low and affordable for a long time. Generally speaking, the Imlive webcam site is not perfect, but it is very excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Imlive safe?

Yes! Imlive ensures the safety and privacy of viewers and subscribers. Email addresses are not shown to the public, and there’s no reason to display your personal information to others. Transactions like credit purchases are secure, and the site sees few complaints about billing. The website’s encryption is solid, so hacking is not a significant risk.

Is Imlive a scam?

No, Imlive is not a scam. Imlive is a long-running and reputable company. The models are real and not programmed bots. You’ll see their very real body movements live on screen and hear their voices.

All transactions are run through legitimate services and will show on your bank statement as stated in Imlive’s terms of service. The company features very popular porn stars, another indirect validation of its integrity.

Imlive webcam is not a scam, unlike some fake sex live shows that use artificial intelligence for models.

Some competing cam sites use fake live shows and artificial intelligence to trick viewers out of their money. At Imlive, though, viewers can also see the reactions and reviews of other viewers, talk to the models in real-time, and review models’ profiles.

How to go live on Imlive?

After signing up, choose any category you wish and select a model that you find attractive. Below their cover photos, you will see badges like Free, Private, and Candy Show. These indicate the particular services that each model has to offer. You then click on the ‘Join Live Show’ button that pops up on the screen.

While the show is on, you can send messages and get replies and reactions from the model. With credits, you can get private chats and more exciting features. There is also an option for those who want the model to see their own webcams during the show. If you lose interest, you can leave the show at any point and try a different one.

Can I use Imlive for free?

The initial account that every user opens is the free account. With the free account, viewers can watch live shows, interact with hosts, view candy show previews, and take part in basic fun activities. But for the true crème de la crème options require credits. That’s where the vibrator feature, full candy shows, and one-on-one chats and shows can be accessed.

Free Imlive accounts are for brand-new viewers or those who just want the basic features of the live cam. It is a win since you don’t have to pay for many of the great features. No credit card is needed to register a free account. Billing details are only needed when you wish to make purchases. are to be made.

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