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Site www.cam69.com 
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Chinese, Swiss
Payment optionsUnavailable 
Pricing Unavailable


  • Easy to understand home page
  • Chat mode description 


  • Archaic interface
  • Fake information
  • No payment information
  • Fake reviews 
  • Fake models 
  • Poor video quality
  • Few languages option
  • Clone website 
Cam-69 Homepage

Cam69 is a very complicated webcam site. With a lot of flaws, it is considered one of the worst live sex webcams on the web. 

There are some models, which look really hot and sexy, but don’t be deceived by all of them. Some of them are fake pre-recorded shows, with fake viewers on the page. 

Regardless of its flaws, it still has interesting chat features and modes to quench your horny thirst. 

Signing up at Cam69

The registration process on Cam69 is seamless and straightforward. All you need is an active email address, a username, and a strong password. 

Unfortunately, there is no verification message after you sign up, which is very risky. You will not be assured that your details are kept secret. So, you should use a false email address, to ensure you don’t have your details leaked. 


Cam69 has some really hot models, and at the same time, have some fake models. Some of the models aren’t really live. I have come across some prerecorded videos on the live section of the webcam. 

Most of the models are white, there is a shortage of black model hosts on Cam69. However, the models come from different countries and are not concentrated in one continent. 

The majority of the models are female performers on Cam69, but they are distributed to different sections, like; 


The teen cams section comprises of young sexy models within the age range of 18-21. These young-ins are still fresh, steamy, and certainly hot. 

These teenage girls are always ready to get in the sex act with you. They might seem inexperienced, but they sure know how to put on an amazing show. 

Big Beautiful Women (BBW)

If you have a kink for chubby chicks, then don’t miss this category on the webcam site. These models are big and even plus-sized some of the time.

These women can satisfy any horny dude, as long as you are into their stuff. Forget their size, they are really hot.  

College cams

If you like not-too-young models, then you can check out this section. Their intelligence and school knowledge make these models about 100 times hotter. They are really sexy, with amazing body shapes and features.  


For the homosexual chicks out there, there is also a hot section for you. Lesbian chicks on this webcam are the finest. With their amazing bodies and colorful makeup, they are not ashamed of the rainbow flag. 


For those into rich hot moms, a section is up for you. The ‘Mom I Will Like To Fuck’ category is assorted with the hottest moms on the web, ready to give the best sex shows to their viewers. 


There are couple bangs on the show, with hot straight, gay, or lesbian couples. You will also come across gang bangs, and BDSM shows. 


If you are tired of the ‘regular’ gender cams, check out the trannies on the webcam. They look very cute, with their crossed genders. 

The trannies on Cam69 are usually really cute, with amazing kits, and mixed genitals. And most importantly, the trannies on this webcam host dope shows.


This is the only section that has dudes on it. The guys are sexy, with some of them wearing cute skirts and crop tops. 

For those interested, check out the gay section for the fun. You will find a lot of satisfying and exciting models there. 

Model’s profile

Model’s profile

A model’s profile is a little insight into information about a particular model. However, Cam69 model profiles are not really filled up, it’s just comprised of very scanty data, that literally have no gains to the readers. 

On a model’s page, you will only find the model’s name, sex, language spoken, age, section they can be found, and their followers, which are allegedly fake. There is no information on their sexual likes or dislikes. It is really useless.  Nevertheless, there are some details like their description, time table, and similar sex cams. 

The model profile doesn’t even have a designated page. You have to open the ongoing chat to have a peak into it. On the page, you will also see how long they have hosted shows, a kind of summary of their profession. 

Cam69 chat features

There are a few chat modes on Cam69, but they are very interesting and fun. I don’t understand how the membership programs work here, that is if there are any, because there are no details on any form of premium or VIP memberships. 

Some users claim that everything is free on the webcam, but there is nothing on it. 

Cam69 is a clone website of the famous Chaturbate, and when you click on model live show heads, you are redirected to another website, which eventually doesn’t load. 

According to the details on the home page, although they don’t work, some of the chat modes include; 

Fetish cams

The fetish cams offer viewers live show webcams strictly based on the ink and fetishes. You select one out of the numerous listed fetishes like Dildo, Vibrator, Striptease, Dancing, Cameltoe, Foot Fetish, Roleplay, Fingering, Butt plug, Live orgasm, Oil, and Twerk. 

After you have made your selection, a list of models with any of the tags will pop up on your screen. You just make your selection. 

VIP cam

It is a façade. When you click on this chat mode, you will be taken to another live webcam site, SexedChat. That proves that Cam69 isn’t just a web clone of Chaturbate, it is just a copied link of several popular webcams across the industry.

Can it get any worse with this scam?

Roll a dice 

This is the only original feature this webcam owns. When you click on the ‘roll a dice’ button on top of the screen, you will be taken to a random online model on show. 

It can be fun at times, but you might end up with a model that has features you consider a red flag, a boring model, or you might just end up getting redirected to a different website. 

Cam69’s streaming quality

Cam69’s streaming quality

Cam69 is not even real, so you can imagine how horrible the streaming quality of the webcam will be. It is very terrible because there is nothing to watch on the site. You just keep getting moved to different sites, till you give up. 

Even the display pictures are very low quality, and sometimes, the so-called live streams are pre-recorded videos put by the owners of the site. It is very appalling. When you are online, you won’t even get notifications of other viewers being online. 

There is no usefulness for webcams or microphones because there are no shows to even stream. 

Cam69 Verdict

Let me look for the nicest way to say it- Cam69 is shit. It is a cheap reap-off that has almost nothing genuine to offer. Merely registering on this site is a risk, because your email address could be used for some kind of crime or so.

 The home page is very old-fashioned, and scanty. There aren’t many models on display when you log in. 

There are no verification emails to confirm that the users are real. The models are either fake or from another live webcam, as Cam69 is a clone of numerous live sex cams. 

There are no payment methods or pricing, which I take as a win because considering how shady this webcam is, the transactions will be certainly scams and rip-offs. You can’t even enter your user account page. An error code keeps popping up, and it cannot be corrected. 

Chat modes and features are complete fakes. The VIP chat and roll-a-dice chat modes will take you to different pages that either keep loading or end up on another site. Customer care isn’t active at all, as there are no operators. 

All the time, you see a large number of online viewers on the models’ profiles, but no one is ever online. Where do all the viewers hide? There are also no real reviews on their pages, and the ones found on the internet are clearly false. They don’t correspond with what is actually on the page. 

Their “About us” details are completely false. There is a write-up about Cam9 having multiple user membership programs, and on the other side, they say everything is equally free. How!?

For me, Cam69 is a fake clone site, with a lot of probability of scamming viewers who come on it. I will advise anyone reading this to go for a different realistic domain, to avoid getting played. Out of 10, I will be generous to give Cam69 0.5/10. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cam69 safe?

If you have been following this review up to this point, you will know that it is not safe at all. There are no assurances of your email address is safe, or activated. It is very unsafe, and you keep on getting redirected to multiple pages. 

 You should use a popular webcam site to ensure transparency and user safety. 

Is Cam69 a scam?

YES! Cam69 is a scam. It is just an incomplete clone of a different site, with fake models, features, and users. The reviews you will find on the internet about this live webcam are fake. The customer care doesn’t work, there aren’t actual personnel in charge. 

Is Cam69 free?

According to the fake reviews you’ll see, Cam69 is a free live webcam, but logically, that is impossible. Else, how will the models get paid, if no viewer pays for their services? 

There is nothing on the webcam site, which is why it is regarded to be free. 

Can I make purchases on Cam69?

There are no price tags or purchase options to choose from, so no, you cannot make purchases on Cam69. No VIP or premium subscription on the domain. 

What is the average height of a Cam69 model?

Although they are not real, the Cam69 models on display come in different sizes, but most of the models are between the range of 5’4 and 5’7. However, there are the really little petites and the mega stallions that are huge and thick.

Can I sue Cam69 in case of any fraud?

There is no particular organization linked to the ownership of Cam69, so I don’t think you will be able to press any charges against the company.

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